Get Paid in a Day Review

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Sometimes life throws you a curveball – for those times you need access to cash quickly. Ideally speaking, you should be able to draw on your emergency fund. What happens, however, if you do not have an emergency fund? You cannot always get a loan from your bank and, even if you can, it can take days to get approved and then there is the wait for the money after that. When you need money now, you need an alternative solution.

Get Paid in a Day is a free matching service that allows you to access a wide range of different lenders and loan products. You get to choose any amount up to $1500, submit your details and then sit back and wait for the offers. For fast, efficient loan applications to several different providers, choose Get Paid in a Day.

What Next?

You need to register on our site and click over to our Loan Comparison Chart. Select Get Paid in a Day and your application is automatically sent to several different loan providers. The maximum loan amount is $1500 but the terms are pretty flexible – it depends on the individual lender.

There are a range of lenders – some offer short-term payday loans, others offer longer-term solutions. The deals that you are offered will depend on your own credit history. Even if you have bad credit though, you can still apply – there is no need to be concerned about a bad credit history here. Loans are offered irrespective of credit rating. Many of the lenders here specialize in bad credit loans.

Once you have entered your details, Get Paid in a Day will match your credit profile and needs to the various offers available from the pool of lenders. This is done in a few minutes and you are then presented with offers. It is up to you to read through these and determine which are best for you – you need to fully understand the terms of the loans. Get Paid in a Day will present you with a range of the best offers but it is up to you to choose the right one for you.

Once you have selected the deal for you, you will need to accept this. Once the deal is accepted, it goes forward for processing and payout. You can expect your money in the next day or two.

Should I Apply?

In order to apply, you have to have contractual capacity, you must be a US Citizen and you have to have stable, full-time work. These loans are ideal for those situations when you need to get your money in a hurry. If you are concerned about having a bad credit record, this option will be better for you than traditional financing – there is a greater chance of being able to get the finance.

If you do not want to have to go through long loan application processes, do not want to have to lay out the full details of your life for a stranger or simply want to be able to apply online, this is the option for you. Get your money quickly and easily, without completely disrupting your life.

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