Four Star Finance Review

This program has been discontinued. Need a loan? Give us a call today at 1-855-862-5164.

Are you one of those people who live from paycheck to paycheck? Are you sick of working your butt off and never seem to be able to get ahead? Perhaps you should look to one of the leading credit matching companies in America โ€“ Four Star Finance to help you get ahead. No one can guarantee that your loan will be approved but Four Star has one of the highest approval rates โ€“ with four out of five loans approved. Loans are on offer for amounts between $100 and a $1000. Let us look for the best deal for you.

What Next?

All you have to do is send in your details. Based on your information, you will be matched to a lender and a great deal. You will know within a matter of seconds whether or not your loan is approved. If successful, full details will be provided and you will need to decide whether or not you can live with the terms. In some cases, supporting documents may be requested.

Interest rates are a little higher because this is a very short term loan. You could be looking at a rate of as much as 1404% – lenders tend to be willing to overlook bad credit and this tends to make this a more expensive option. To make this sort of finance work for you, be sure that you fully grasp the implications and that you are able to manage the loan.

Defaulting here can be an expensive exercise โ€“ late fees, collection fees and interest can quickly mount up. There is also a chance that criminal charges may be filed.

Once you have thought it over and accepted the agreement, the money is deposited overnight.

Most of these agreements will allow for an automatic payment option from your checking account.

Should I Apply?

If what you are looking for is a shorter term loan, or if you have bad credit, these are a good option. You need to have a full-time job, must be an American citizen and should be over the age of 18. Most of the loans on offer are classified as short-term credit.

As a result, the issue of bad credit is not as important. The amount that can be borrowed is limited and you will be looking at a higher rate of interest than normal.

If you have a short-term need or if the more normal finance loans are not available for you, this is a good alternative. Be sure that you can afford the loan before accepting and it can be the stepping stone necessary to break the paycheck to paycheck cycle.

This program has been discontinued. Need a loan? Give us a call today at 1-855-862-5164.

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